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WELCOME ALL [Mar. 11th, 2005|07:14 pm]
Game God 7734


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Welcome Gamers and non-gamers alike,

this is the Masters of G community,

THIS community is set up to share between gamers what they think of games, like reveiws of it or how it handles story plot, or just bull shit or codes. this community is also for sharing rumors & news of games and other bull, so feel free to discuss and let out you hate or love on whatever the hell its about.

On another note, unlike some communitys ive been in, I do not care what you say, express your mind, if you hate someone or something say it, if your pissed, express it, if you want to say "I hate fuckin' (insert person place game thing or race here), say it, there are no rules,

I will be updateing weekly with games and the quote & video game/movie of the week.

untill then GAME ON.